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I like people.


And I like working with people who share my passion for creating the perfect moment.  There is no room for second best.  Together we will deliver your dreams in a way, which is fun and beyond your wildest expectations. Simply achieved by combining a passion for design, my professional eye and unique experience, and coupled with your determination to have the best possible event experience.



With a passion for design, my professional eye and unique experience combined with your wish to have the best possible event for you.


I trained at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art before working at The Royal National Theatre, where I worked with the most renowned Directors, Actors, and Designers.  From Daniel Craig and Jason Isaacs in ‘Angels in America’, to Sam Mendes’ production of ‘Othello’ touring every region of the globe.


After the theatre, I started my career in the design and production of high-end events.  Now with over 20 years of experience, and having worked with many of London’s top organizers and industry specialists, I have a proven track-record of design excellence - and a long list of exacting, but happy clients.


Royal Weddings, extravagant birthdays, intimate dinners and product launches each have their own different demands – but delicate handling, discretion and careful listening is very much part of the success formula.



What sets me apart from others is I am a designer with deep practical and technical knowledge.  Combined with my understanding of colour, textures, materials, fabrics and flowers, this enables me to uniquely pull together beautifully styled events.


I believe that Design is in the detail, but perfection means never losing sight of the bigger picture.




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